2016 Wheat Report

Objective: This trial was intended to compare top yielding CWRS, CNHR, and CPS varieties including response to a fungicide application at Anthesis as well as untreated. We also included Post Anthesis Nitrogen application of 30 lbs on Prosper CNHR to try to increase protein.

Varieties: Various

Seeding Rate: 130 lbs

Seeding Date: May 6, 2016

Row Spacing: 12″

Plot Size: 1 acre

Previous Crop: N/A

Fertility: N/A

Disease Control: Prosaro, Cambria

Disease Control Application Date: July 5, 2016

Weed Control: Simplicity, Pixxaro

Weed Control Application Date: June 9, 2016

Insect Control: N/A

Wheat Results
SponsorVarietyFusarium (%)Adjusted Yield bu/acProtein %Grade
Seed DepotProsper2.48213.7CW Feed
Seed DepotProsper1.77913.9CW Feed
Seed DepotProsper1.78413.3CW Feed
Seed DepotProsper1.38313.7CW Feed
Seed DepotProsper1.38413.6CW Feed
Seed DepotProsper2.37713.7CW Feed
SeCanAAC Brandon0.4471152 CW RS 150
SeCanAAC Brandon0.627014.92 CW RS 150
SeCanAAC Brandon0.466152 CW RS 150
SeCanAAC Brandon0.616514.82 CW RS 145
FP GeneticsCDC Plentiful1.35415.63 CW RS 130
FP GeneticsCDC Plentiful1.85015.9CW Feed
CANTERRA SEEDSW18760.715516.12 CW RS 155
CANTERRA SEEDSW18761.75116.2CW Feed
Seed DepotCardale0.55715.92 CW RS 155
Seed DepotCardale0.315515.73 CW RS 155
SyngentaWR859CL0.67015.53 CW RS 155
SyngentaBW10110.546714.72 CW RS 145
SeCanAAC Penhold1.97114.7CW Feed
SeCanAAC Penhold2.66614.6CW Feed