2017 Wheat Report

Wheat Variety Trial

Objective: Compare top yielding CWRS and CNHR varieties’ response to various fungicide applications and timings. Additional applications to manage protein were also included.

# Reps: 2

Plot Size: 1 acre

Seeding Date: May 5, 2017

Seeding Rate: 130lbs

Swath Date: Aug 29, 2017

Fungicide Product 1: T2/Flag Timing, June 30, 2017

Fungicide Product 2: Anthesis, July 5, 2017

Fertility: 120-40-0-10-1
Fertility Product 1: 46-0-0, rate 83, w/seed

Fertility Product 2: MESZ, rate 100, w/seed

Fertility Product 3: UAN, rate 26 gal, streamer

Herbicide Product 1: Simplicity™, June 9, 2017

Herbicide Product 2: Pixxaro™, June 9, 2017

Wheat Results
VarietyTreatmentAdjusted YieldFusarium %Protein %Grade
AAC BrandonUntreated820.3513.72CW RS135
AAC BrandonFlag/anthesis (T2/T3)850.2013.51CW RS135
AAC BrandonAnthesis850.2013.71CW RS135
SY SoviteUntreated790.2314.151CW RS140
SY SoviteFlag/anthesis (T2/T3)790.1013.91CW RS135
SY SoviteAnthesis790.08141CW RS140
AAC ViewfieldUntreated910.3013.71CW RS135
AAC ViewfieldAnthesis910.1013.61CW RS135
AAC W1876Untreated790.6014.12CWRS140
AAC W1876Anthesis820.50142CWRS140
CWRSUntreated86141CW RS140
CWRSFoliar nutrient8614.11CW RS140