2017 Oats Report

Objective: Evaluation of currently-grown oat varieties. CS Camden are a large plant with a good agronomic package and high yield potential. We wanted to compare three seeding rates and target 25, 30 and 35 plants per square foot. Seeding rates varied from 104 lbs per acre to 144 lbs per acre to achieve these populations.

Seeding Date: May 5, 2017

Seeding Rate: 104, 124, 144 lbs/acre

Variety: CS Camden

Plot Size: 2 acres

Fungicide: Various

Replications: 2

Herbicide: Curtail M

Fertility Product 1: 130-40-0-10-1, 46-0-0 83lbs/acre with seed

Fertility Product 2: 130-40-0-10-1, MESZ 100lbs/acre with seed

Fertility Product 3: 130-40-0-10-1, UAN 26gal/acre with seed

Oat Agronomy Trial Results
SponsorVarietySeeding RateTreatmentThin %Bushel WeightYield 14% MoistureGrade
CANTERRA SEEDSCS Camden104T22.42371393 CW
CANTERRA SEEDSCS Camden104Untreated2.82301414 CW
CANTERRA SEEDSCS Camden124T22.72351493 CW
CANTERRA SEEDSCS Camden124Untreated2.42311354 CW
CANTERRA SEEDSCS Camden144T22.42311394 CW
CANTERRA SEEDSCS Camden144Untreated2.92281334 CW
Oat seed size has become very large so planting according to TKW to achieve a desired plant population needs to be considered. We looked at three different seeding rates to compare how this variety would respond. Overall, CS Camden is a large plant that provides good, weak weed competition. It also has straw strength, which allows us to push our nitrogen levels to try to increase yield.

Fungicide timing was completed at panicle emergence and little disease was noticed in the untreated plots, which is evident in the low yield response that was achieved this year with the fungicide application.

Lodging was not an issue until harvest time, but with some patience, we were able to get the plot harvested.