Canola Report

Objective: Conducted an on-farm, field scale trial to compare pod shatter and straight cut canola hybrid’s yield under various harvest management options.

Previous Crop: Spring Wheat
Pre-Seed Herbicide(s): noneSeeding Date: May 17, 2016

Seeding Rate:RR¹ and LL² varieties – 5 lb/ac; CL³ varieties – 7 lb/ac

Row Spacing: 7.5″

Opener Type: Disc

Seeding Equipment: New Holland P2080

Fertility: 125-41-0-19 actual lb/ac
In Furrow: 108 lbs as ESN 66%/urea 33% blend plus 125 lbs MicroEssentials® S15™
Side Band: N/A
Other: N/A
Herbicide Application: June 15, 2016; RR¹ varieties – Roundup WeatherMAX®+Lontrel™ 360; LL² varieties – Liberty®+Centurion®; CL³ varieties – Salute™
Fungicide Application: July 6, 2016
Insecticide Application: None
Replications: 3
¹ refers to Roundup Ready®; ² refers to InVigor®; ³ refers to Clearfield®
HybridSupplierHarvest MethodPreHarvest Application or Swath DateHarvest DateAdjusted Yield bu/ac% Green Seed
InVigor® L140PBayerStraight CutN/A20-Sep520.2
InVigor® L140PBayerPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight Cut23-Aug20-Sep520.4
InVigor® L140PBayerPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut23-Aug21-Sep500.6
75-65 RRDEKALBStraight CutN/A20-Sep460.4
75-65 RRDEKALBPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight Cut23-Aug20-Sep491.2
75-65 RRDEKALBPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut23-Aug20-Sep470.2
Nexera 2022 CLNexera CanolaStraight CutN/A20-Sep360.6
Nexera 2022 CLNexera CanolaPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight Cut29-Aug20-Sep370.6
Nexera 2022 CLNexera CanolaPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut29-Aug20-Sep350.4
Average Harvest Speed (ac/hr)
Straight CutPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight CutPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut

Field Notes: Harvest Management

The first thing I noticed was that L140P lodged more than 75-65RR and Nexera 2022 CL. Also, it was tough combining when it was not treated with a harvest aid. There was a lot of green material that plugged up the combine on occasion. Once L140P was sprayed with either Reglone Ion or glyphosate + Heat harvesting speed was restricted only to what the header could take in. There were no harvest losses with L140P- the trait works well.

Without a harvest aid, 75-65 RR straight cut was easy to harvest with a speed of about 4 mph and power use of 75-80 per cent. And, it only got better when we paired it with a harvest aid treatment. There was no difference between Reglone Ion or glyphosate + Heat. The plant had completely dried down and was a pleasure to harvest.

Nexera 2022 CL had a thinner stand in all three replicates and that likely caused the lower yield. From a harvest management perspective, plots treated with a harvest aid were a bit easier to thresh. The thinner stand resulted in a few more weeds in the 2022CL plots, when compared with the other two hybrids and the harvest aids certainly helped dry the weeds down. Some shatter losses were noticed with 2022CL when treated with a harvest aid.

We are very anxious to repeat this trial next year, as one year of data doesn’t provide enough information to make an informed decision.