2017 Canola Report

Objective: To compare current straight cut canola hybrids.

Seeding Date: May 10, 2017

Seeding Rate: 5lbs

Variety: Various

Harvest Date: September 6, 2017

Replications: 2

Pre-Seed Herbicide(s): none

Fertility Product 1: 120-40-0-19 MES15 25lbs/acre with seed

Fertility Product 2: 120-40-0-19 Urea 75lbs/acre with seed

Fertility Product 3: 120-40-0-19 UAN (28-0-0_) 70lbs/acre topdress

Row Spacing: 7.5″

Fungicide: Various

Herbicide 1: June 6, 2017, Glyphosate .33L/acre

Herbicide 2: June 6, 2017, Liberty®/Centurion® 1.35L/acre

Insecticide Application: None

Plot Size: 1 acre

VarietySupplierPre-Harvest or Swath DateHarvest DataYield 10%Green %
L140PBayer CropScienceAugust 18, 2017Roundup/Heat®580.2
L233P Bayer CropScienceAugust 18, 2017Roundup/Heat®600.2
L233P Bayer CropScienceAugust 20, 2017Reglone®620.2
L233P Bayer CropScienceUntreated590.4
L255PCBayer CropScienceAugust 20, 2017Roundup/Heat®610.2
L255PCBayer CropScienceAugust 22, 2017Reglone®560.4
L255PCBayer CropScienceUntreated590.4
45M35checkAugust 18, 2017Roundup/Heat®560.2
45M35checkAugust 20, 2017Reglone®560.2
75-65RRDEKALBAugust 18, 2017Roundup/Heat®550.2
75-65RRDEKALBAugust 20, 2017Reglone®550.4

Field Notes: Harvest Management

All strips were planted on the same day with a pre-harvest or harvest aid application for each plot. The high clearance sprayer drove through each plot, including the untreated ones, to equalize the effect of tire tracks. Following harvest, individual wheel tracks were harvested and an estimated yield loss of 6.3 per cent was recorded. Application of Roundup and Heat® with 15 gallons per acre, while Reglone® was applied with 20 gallons per acre.