Trial Objective
Comparing current CWRS varieties for agronomic performance, yield and quality and the effects of PGR’s.

Seeding Date
May 10, 2018

Seeding Rate
130 lbs/ac

# Reps

Harvest Date
Aug 16, 2018

Prosaro XTR, .325L/ac – July 9, 2018

Axial, .50L/ac – June 13, 2018
Infinity, .355L/ac – June 13, 2018
Transorb HC, .671/ac – July 8, 2018

Plot Size
1 acre

Pre-Harvest Date
Aug 8, 2018

120-40-0-10-1 lbs/ac actual
46-0-0, 60lbs product with seed
MESZ, 100lbs product with seed
UAN, 23 gallons streamer

VarietyMarketed ByTreatmentAdjusted Yield 14.5%Fusarium %Protein %Grade
SY SoviteSyngenta/Richardson PioneerUntreated40016.01 CW RS 160
SY SoviteSyngenta/Richardson PioneerProsaro XTR41016.01 CW RS 160
SY SoviteSyngenta/Richardson PioneerPGR44015.61CW RS 155
SY ObsidianSyngenta/Richardson PioneerUntreated55015.81 CW RS 155
SY ObsidianSyngenta/Richardson PioneerProsaro XTR41015.71 CW RS 155
SY ObsidianSyngenta/Richardson PioneerPGR40015.51 CW RS 155
BW1041Syngenta/Richardson PioneerUntreated65015.91 CW RS 155
BW1041Syngenta/Richardson PioneerProsaro XTR49015.91 CW RS 155
BW1041Syngenta/Richardson PioneerPGR67016.01 CW RS 160
AAC BrandonSeCanUntreated50015.81 CW RS 155
AAC BrandonSeCanProsaro XTR71015.61 CW RS 155
AAC BrandonSeCanPGR73015.51 CW RS 155
AAC ViewfieldFP GeneticsUntreated66015.81 CW RS 155
AAC ViewfieldFP GeneticsProsaro XTR42015.61 CW RS 155
AAC ViewfieldFP GeneticsPGR78016.01 CW RS 160
AAC Cameron VBCanterra SeedsUntreated58015.51 CW RS 155
AAC Cameron VBCanterra SeedsProsaro XTR63015.21 CW RS 150
AAC Cameron VBCanterra SeedsPGR61015.31 CW RS 150

Wheat Trial Notes

Planting conditions in early May were on the drier side of normal, however, seed bed moisture was very good at a planting depth of 1.5″. All wheat varieties emerged very evenly and got off to a great start. The hot, dry conditions through May and early June resulted in the loss of tillers off all varieties as the stress of no rain was evident. PGR’s were a large topic of discussion going into the 2018 growing season. A dry, stressful spring led to the risk of shortened height in all varieties but a PGR application was made at growth stage 32 as recommended. We soon noticed that stress conditions can have a severe effect of crop shortening on some varieties. The effects on yield of a fungicide application were quite variable and I attribute the difference in yield more to field variability from lack of moisture.