2018 Oats Report

CS Camden is a large plant with a very good agronomic package and high yield potential. It was compared to a new oat variety, ORe3542M developed by Oat Advantage and marketed by SeCan. Fungicide was applied at GS 42 even though there was little evidence of disease.# Reps

Plot Size
1 acre

Seeding Date
May 10, 2018Seeding Rate

Swathing Date
Aug 17, 2018

Pre-Harvest Date
Aug 8, 2018

Various – July 5, 2018Fertility
46-0-0, 60lbs product with seed
MESZ, 100lbs product with seed
UAN, 23 gallons streamer

Stellar, .405L/ac – June 9, 2018
Transorb HC, .671/ac – July 8, 2018

VarietyMarketing ByTreatmentThin %Test Weight (G/HL)Moisture %Yield 14%Grade
CS CamdenCanterra SeedsFlag leaf fungicide average1.225410.11202 CW
CS CamdenCanterra Seedsuntreated1.02569.91282 CW
ORe3542MSeCanFlag leaf fungicide average1.12649.51152 CW
ORe3542MSeCanuntreated1.52599.61002 CW

Oats Trial Notes

The 2018 Oat agronomy trial compared only 2 varieties with the intent of targeting 200 bu/acre yield after our 2017 yield of 175 bu/acre. The crop was planted into very good conditions but the lack of rain quickly reduced the yield potential. Both varieties were much shorter than normal and the loss of tillers due to drought conditions made the crop look quite thin. Yield potential of 100 was estimated and was very good to average over 100 considering how little precipitation was received. The effects of a fungicide application where quite variable and I attribute the difference in yield more to field variability from lack of moisture.