Four Seeding Factors to Consider for Corn and Soybeans

Should we be planting corn and soybeans by calendar day or by soil temperature? Planting early has benefits, such as maximizing yield, avoiding an early fall frost and possibly missing disease and insect cycles. Soil Temperature Corn r[...]

Richardson Farms’ Top 12 Themes and Trials for 2018

We’re preparing for another year at Richardson Farms. We have spent the winter season learning and planning for this year’s trials. Construction is also underway at Bennett Farm, and the new Richardson Pioneer Divisional Office is [...]

Part Two – Top 15 Tips After 15 Years of Growing Soybeans

This is part two of my 15 tips after 15 years of growing soybeans. To see the first part, click here. 8. Inoculation Soybean soil inoculum is not native to Canadian soil. It is important to inoculate with a liquid on the seed and a gra[...]

Part One – Top 15 Tips after 15 Years of Growing Soybeans

Brian Hellegards, Farm Manager at Kelburn Farm, has been growing soybeans for over 15 years in the Red River Valley. Here are some of his tips to help you with your soybean crop this year. 1. Field Preparation Planning the crop you’d[...]

Richardson’s Soybean Grower Meetings

Soybean production expanded dramatically in Western Canada in 2017, but many questions still remain on the crop and its fit on the Prairies. This is specifically the case in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Many growers in these provinces pla[...]