2017 Oats Report

Historical Data

Oat Report 2016

Oat Variety Trial

Objective: Evaluation of currently-grown oat varieties

Variety: Various

Seeding Rate: 190 lbs/ac

Plot Size: 0.82 acres/strip

Seeding Date: May 25, 2017

Harvest Date: September 4, 2017

Herbicide Product 1: Roundup®, rate .67L/ac,
May 9

Herbicide Product 2: Express® FX, rate 6g + 58ml/ac, May 9

Herbicide Product 3: Stellar™, June 30

Herbicide Product 1: Roundup®, .5L/ac,

Fertility: 92-44-0-20

Fertility Product 1: 46-0-0, rate 171, placement side

Fertility Product 2: MESZ, rate 110, placement seed

Fertility Product 3: 0-0-60, rate 33.3, placement side


Oat Variety Trial Results
VarietySupplierRoundup App PreharvestTotal Weight (lbs)Moisture %Test Weight lbs/busArea (ac)Yield bus/acYield AdjustYield Adjust to 14%
CDC RuffianFP Genetics19-Aug285012.737.70.82108.61280490.873110.3
CDC MinstrelFP Genetics18-Aug21509.238.60.8281.935975610.90886.5
SummitFP Genetics17-Aug24007.939.70.8291.463414630.92198.0
AAC JusticeFP Genetics18-Aug20509.937.80.8278.1250.90181.8
CDC OrrinFP Genetics18-Aug22509.137.50.8285.746951220.90990.6
AC MorganSeCan18-Aug260013.837.60.8299.085365850.86299.3
CS CamdenCANTERRA SEEDS17-Aug220014.935.60.8283.841463410.85183.0