2016 Canola Report

Objective: Conducted an on-farm, field scale trial to compare pod shatter and straight cut canola hybrid’s yield under various harvest management options.

Previous Crop: Chem Fallow

Pre-Seed Herbicide(s): Roundup®+Conquer™

Seeding Date: May 25, 2016

Seeding Rate: 5 lb/ac

Row Spacing: 12″

Opener Type: Dual Shoot Knife

Seeding Equipment: SeedMaster

Fertility: 114-36-0-25 actual lb/ac
In Furrow: 110 lb/ac
Side Band:: 237 lb/ac
Other: Other

Weed Control: June 15, 2016; RR¹ varieties – Roundup Transorb®; LL² varieties – Liberty®+Centurion®; CL³ varieties – Solo® ADV
Disease Control: July 11, 2016; Exempla™

Insect Control: None

Replications: None

¹ refers to Roundup Ready®; ² refers to InVigor®; ³ refers to Clearfield®

HybridSupplierHarvest MethodPreHarvest/Swath DateHarvest DateYield (bu/acre)% green seed
InVigor® L140PBayerSwathed31-Aug14-Sep43.9N/A
InVigor® L140PBayerStraight CutNone15-Sep43.5N/A
InVigor® L140PBayerPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight Cut4-Sep15-Sep43.7N/A
InVigor® L140PBayerPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut9-Sep15-Sep43.4N/A
75-65 RRDEKALBSwathed30-Aug14-Sep51.9N/A
75-65 RRDEKALBStraight CutNone15-Sep45.5N/A
75-65 RRDEKALBPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight Cut4-Sep15-Sep44.9N/A
75-65 RRDEKALBPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut9-Sep15-Sep47.1N/A
Nexera 2022 CLNexera CanolaSwathed12-Sep28-Sep42.7N/A
Nexera 2022 CLNexera CanolaStraight CutNone28-Sep39.8N/A
Nexera 2022 CLNexera CanolaPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight Cut15-Sep28-Sep38.7N/A
Nexera 2022 CLNexera CanolaPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut15-Sep28-Sep35.9N/A
Ave Harvest Speed Acres/hour
SwathStraight CutPreHarvest Glyphosate+Heat®/Straight CutPreHarvest Reglone® Ion/Straight Cut

Field Notes: Harvest Management

Straight cutting canola is gaining in popularity as the thought of eliminating one more operation on the farm seems attractive to most people. But what hybrids are best adapted to this practice? We tested L140P, Nexera 2022 CL and 75-65RR and wanted to determine the durability of the plant when left out in the field and/or treated with a harvest aid. Of the three hybrids tested L140P definitely had the least pod shattering, while the other two only had a few shatterings. We saw very little difference in whether the harvest aid was glyphosate + Heat or Reglone Ion. However, the use of a harvest aid certainly increased the speed of harvesting over the untreated, unswathed plot, especially with L140P and 75-65RR.

While each year and each unique situation can produce varying results, it’s suffice it to say that the practice of straight cutting canola is here to stay and we will continue to evaluate new hybrids and harvest management practices.