Bennett Farm

Bennett Farm consists of 600 acres of the Black and Thin Black Soils of the Regina Plains, adjacent to the Wascana Creek. Also a productive growing area, it receives about three inches less rainfall than Kelburn, making it more adaptable to pulse crops such as peas, lentils and durum wheat. It is also dominated by large, one-acre plots alongside small replicated trials and small plot demonstrations.

Although still in its first few years as a research farm, it has gotten off to a great start!

Did You Know?

  • Bennett Farm was named after the Bennett family who owned the land since the 1940s and continue to farm across the highway.
  • Bennett Farm is conveniently located in Richardson, Saskatchewan—an impressive coincidence!
  • This new 600 acre farm in Saskatchewan gives Richardson the opportunity to grow and test crops in a new geography, including crops not grown at Kelburn – namely peas and durum.



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